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STLD Officials + Awards

A list of past and present officers of the Society and award winners

Officers of the STLD.


Stuart Gain 2007 -
Bernie Davis  2001 - 2007
Ian Dow 1999 - 2001
Mark Kenyon 1997 - 1999
John Watt 1995 - 1997
Mike Jefferies 1993 - 1995
Nigel Wright 1991 - 1993
Eric Wallis 1988 - 1991
John Watt 1984 - 1988
Sam Barclay 1982 - 1984
Bill Lee 1980 - 1982
Bert Wilkins 1977 - 1980
John Treays 1974 - 1977


Mike Le Fevre 2004 -
James & Fiona Campbell 2000 - 2004
Barry Chatfield 1988 - 2000
Nigel Wright 1974 - 1988


John O'Brien 2015 -
Richard Bowles 2009 - 2015
Mark Ninnim 2007 - 2009
Stuart Gain 2001 - 2007
Bernie Davis 1998 - 2001
Mark Tugwell 1997 - 1998
Mike Baker 1991 - 1997
Bridget Anderson 1988 - 1991
Eric Wallis 1980 - 1988
John Carter 1974 - 1980

Magazine Editors (as listed in the front page of each Issue)

Emma Thorpe 2012 - (Iss 105 -
Iain Davidson & Bernie Davis 2011 (Iss 104)
Bernie Davis 2010 - 2011 (Iss 102 - 103)
Iain Davidson 2008 - 2010 (Iss 97 - 101)
Bernie Davis 2008 (Iss 96) 
Paul Middleton 2008 (Iss 95)
Iain Davidson 2005 - 2008 (Iss 86 - 94)
Gill Hersee 2004 - 2005 (Iss 83 - 85)
Bernie Davis 2003 - 2004 (Iss 78 - 82)
Francis Cathcart 1999 - 2002 (Iss 71 - 77)
Will Charles 1999 (Iss 69 - 70)
Simon Littler 1998 - 1999 (Iss 66 - 68)
Ian Dow 1993 - 1998 (Iss 51 - 65)
Rod Litherland 1988 - 1993 (Iss 36 - 50)
Ken MacGregor 1974 - 1988 (Iss 1 - 35)

Magazine Production

Jo Horne (Iss 105 -
Iain Davidson (Iss 98 - 104)
Graham Rimmington (Iss 71 - 97)
Will Charles (Iss 66 - 70)
Graham Rimmington (Iss 51 - 65)
Rod Litherland (Iss 36 -
Ken MacGregor (Iss 1 - 35)

Honorary Members

John Carter

Colin Innes-Hopkins

Derek Lightbody

Knud Sheldt

Nick Coleman (Honorary Auditor 1974 - 1989)

George Templeton

John Treays

Bill Lee

Nigel Wright

Frederick Bentham
Strand Lighting 1932-1974 Designer of Patt23 and Light Console.

B.E. Bear (known as B.Bear or just B)
Strand Lighting Salesman who worked with Frederick Bentham

Antonio Ianiro 1981

Mario De Sisti 1981

Bob Gray
(1920 - 1991)
Ally Pally Cameraman, BBC Lighting Engineer 1949, Head of Lighting at Associated Reddifusion 1955 - 1967, Head of Lighting at Yorkshire TV 1968 - 1979, Retired 1983. 

Jacques Manier

John Watt

Ian Dow

Bernie Davis

Hedley Versey 2012
Ally Pally Cameraman, BBC Lighting Engineer 1949, Southern TV Head of Lighting 1958 - 1979. Retired 1979

Alan Bermingham 2013

Alan Roberts 2018
ex-BBC Research Dept, for continued development of TLCI software to become the current standard for the assessment of the colour rendition quality of a lighting fixture.

Society Award for Lighting "Excellence in TV Lighting"

1991 - John Mason for "The Chronicles of Narnia"

1992 - Chris Townsend  for "The House of Elliot"

The format of the Society Award was changed at the 1992 AGM to encompass contributions to TV Lighting over the years, both in the craft of lighting and excellence behind the scenes in developing the tools of the trade, to be awarded at the discretion of the Committee.

1993 - Dickie Higham (awarded posthumously for raising the art of Light Enterntainment lighting to a superb level, by exploring the use of subtle colours and being always willing to pass on his experience to younger Lighting Directors.)

1994 - Derek Lightbody - developer of Dual Source Luminaires, Hoists, Q-File and the Aurasoft.

1995 - John Treays - for having taken the mantle as the first Chairman in 1974.

1999 - Michael Samuelson (awarded posthumously for his outstanding contribution to the lighting industry.)

Knight of Illumination Awards for TV

KOI 2008

Dave Davey for Dancing on Ice
Judges comments: “The lighting gave this huge production quality and style that changed effortlessly to suit each performance. The use of projection on the ice is nothing short of sensational.”

Ben Smithard for Cranford
Judges comments: “A flawless period feel was never over dramatised. Excellent interpretation of candle-light and daylight interiors and night-time exteriors alike left this drama subtle and yet sculptured.”

Nigel Catmur for Mercury Music Prize
Judges comments: “A beautifully crafted design that matched the mood to the range of music that made the viewer feel part of the event, and offered good camera shots wherever they looked.”

Al Gurdon for Royal Variety Performance
Judges comments: “The lighting demonstrated a strong collaboration with the design that produced an ambitious range of looks within a limited rehearsal period.”

Lifetime : John Watt

KOI 2009

John O’Brien for “The Bill”
This long running soap has seen many changes over the years, so it was good to see a well balanced entry for this awards. Scenes ranging from the realistic interview room, the atmosphere of the incident room and the exterior night scenes showed off all the lighting techniques used to good effect

Chris Kempton for “Jonathan Ross”
This regular show has become a firm audience favourite. The clean lighting of the interview area combined well with the set and the band Lighting was felt to be coherent, thoughtful and exciting

Will Charles for “The Album chart Show”
This had dramatic use of colour temperature of lighting on the faces and pushed the pictures to their technical limits. The live feel of the show was maintained throughout and the contrast with the interview setup gave a good mix

Gurdip Mahal for “BBC Sports Personality”
This was a large venue to cover, which was achieved well. The show had the feeling of a special event with excellent wide shots. Presenter positions were on the whole covered well and the lighting was always restrained but effective and controlled”

Lifetime: Mark White


KOI 2010

LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT - Mark Smithers for “Mission 2110”
DRAMA - John Carberry for ”Eastenders Live”
SMALL STUDIO - Iain Davidson for “Theatre Live! - Turning Point”
EVENTS - Bernie Davis for “Festival of Remembrance”

Lifetime: Coral Cooper

KOI 2011

DRAMA - Simon Butcher for “Casualty”
LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT - Roger Williams for “Tonight’s The Night”
SMALL STUDIO - Matt Carter for “ITV Daybreak”
EVENTS - Al Gurdon for “Superbowl Halftime Show”

Lifetime: Richard Pilbrow

KOI 2012

DRAMA - Roger Simonsz - Antigone 34
LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT - Mark Kenyon - Strictly Come Dancing from Wembley
SMALL STUDIO - Rob Mansfield - Masterchef
EVENTS - Nigel Catmur - The Royal Variety Performance

Lifetime: Bryan Leitch

KOI 2013 

LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT - Gurdip Mahal and Ross Williams - The Voice Final
SMALL STUDIO - Colin Case - Howard Goodall’s History of Music

DRAMA - Ashley Rowe BSC - Dancing on the Edge
EVENTS - Nick Collier - Bollywood Carmen Live
GRAPHIC DISPLAY - Gurdip Mahal, Ross Williams and Dave Newton - The Voice

Lifetime: Ian Dow

KOI 2014

Drama: – David Higgs, The Escape Artist
Light Entertainment: – Chris Rigby, Alan Carr Chatty Man
Small Studio: – Hugh French, Channel 4 News
Events: – Ben Cracknell, The Olivier Awards
Video Graphic Display: – Luke Halls, Don Giovanni

Lifetime: Brian Croft

KOI 2015

Small Studio: Andy Cottey for Election 2015 Wales
Drama: John Daly for Up the Women
Events: Nigel Catmur for Young Dancer Competition
Light Entertainment: Gurdip Mahal for The Voice Final
Video Graphic Display: David Newton, Alberta Torres and Jessy Wang for Strictly Come Dancing

Lifetime: Fred Foster

KOI 2016

The Philips Vari-Lite Award for Drama: Sue Gibson for Death in Paradise (honoured posthumously)
The Light Initiative Award for Events: Bernie Davis for BBC Proms Season 2015/2016
The PRG XL Video Award for Light Entertainment: Mark Kenyon for Strictly Come Dancing 2015
The VER Aurora Award for Small Studio: Dave Evans for The One Show
The SGM Award for Video Graphic Display: Julien Rigal for The Voice UK Final 2016

Enrico Caironi Lifetime Recognition Award: John Offord

KOI 2017

“This children’s drama show has the production values of something with a much greater budget. I particularly like the lighting approach – carefully executed and with great atmosphere where appropriate. Naturalistic and mellow lighting which complemented the settings and costumes perfectly. The continuity between interior and exterior scenes was beautifully balanced.”

 “An important annual event lit with quality. The red of the poppy picked out in the dark spaces of the Royal Albert Hall conveyed a reflective but powerful atmosphere perfect for the broadcast.”

 “Looked like a stage show, with stage lighting used to great effect in a chaotic environment! Such utter chaos could only be conveyed on screen by a master of artistic, technical and logistical lighting skills – not to mention supreme team leadership! Breathtaking, hysterical but obviously absolutely under control. Unobtrusively brilliant.”

“Both indoor and outside venues were made to look stunning, with the lighting equipment hidden very effectively. Very impressive. Challenging exterior roof-top setting for broadcast, day through to night. Gave a real sense of time and place and allowed for really interesting lighting.”

“The graphics on this show are always stunning, but when the 3D content hits the floor, it’s mind-blowing! Ambitious but supremely successful, ‘Strictly…’ would be unimaginable without the graphic input of backings and, of course, floors. Superlative.”

“A great programmer who has done excellent work on many projects over a good number of years. Ross has worked on several big projects like the Olympics. The STLD award for support and contribution to television lighting”

The Philips Vari-Lite Award for Drama: Dominic Clemence for Hetty Feather
The Light Initiative Award for Events: Bernie Davis for the Festival of Remembrance
The SLX Award for Light Entertainment: Martin Kempton for Peter Pan Goes Wrong
The Altman LightingAward for Small Studio: Chris Hollier & Andy Cottey for ITV Euros
The Green Hippo Award for Video Graphic Display: David Newton for Strictly Come Dancing

STLD Award: Ross Williams

“This year, the Enrico Caironi Lifetime Recognition Award went to Rick Fisher, the renowned, prolific and talented lighting designer who has won multiple awards and critical acclaim in the West End, Broadway and around the World.

Rick was recognised by the Award not only for his achievements in lighting design, but also for his altruistic contributions to industry charities, from his help starting Light Relief to his current work with The Technical Entertainment Charity known as BACKUP. Fisher has also helped guide the Association of Lighting Designers to its current position as the largest body of lighting designers ever assembled.”

Enrico Caironi Lifetime Recognition Award: Rick Fisher

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