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1984 and Es Devlin ~ 14th Nov

Members are invited to the production of 1984 at Questors Theatre in Ealing on the 14th of November.  This is the celebratory production for Questors 90th year, and a visit to the set will include talks from Director Roger Beaumont and Designer Alex Marker, as well as Questors charman Richard Mead, the MD of Pharos Lighting Controls

The day will also include a visit to an exhibition at the nearby Pitshanger Gallery by Interdisciplinary Artist Es Devlin.

Es Devlin is an artist and set designer who has had a remarkable career switching seamlessly from major rock acts to high-end theatre and opera, even the London Olympics closing ceremony, and always bringing something very unusual and very creative. There is more about her work at

You can find out more about the exhibition at and the rest of Pitshanger Manor at

The planned schedule is-

  • 1500 Visit to Es Devlin's exhibition 'Memory Palace' and the rest of John Soane's home at Pitshanger Manor
  • 1630 Tea Time and visit Questors Theatre to see the set and a talk from the production team of 1984.
  • 1800 Supper in the Upper Foyer
  • 1945 Attend performance of 1984

Partners may also join for all or part of the day.

If you are interested in this visit please contact Jane Shepherd 

 Please indicate the number of tickets required for the Es Devlin exhibition and Questors production separately.  There will be a £10 charge for tickets to '1984' which will be collected on the day - booking closes for the Questors production on 30th October.

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