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UV-C light for disinfection ~ 12th Oct

How to harness the power of UV-C lighting for disinfection

For those of you interested in UV-C Lamps and how they can kill viruses there is a webinar on Monday 12th October  at 11.30am BST as part of Plasa online 2020.

The session is about how companies can protect their business & employees during pandemics with UVC light disinfection. 

UVC has been known as a proven method to eradicate microorganisms with radiation for decades, and recently we did the laboratory study with Boston University which proved that it also works for the novel coronavirus – 99% coronavirus particles were permanently inactivated after just 6 seconds of exposure to UVC radiation!

This has been organised with “Strand & Vari-Lite” which is a division within Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) that focuses on the entertainment sector.

You may register here on the PLASA 2020 website

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