The Society of Television Lighting and Design

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About the society

  • The Society provides a forum that stimulates a free exchange of ideas in all aspects of the television profession.
  • It promotes discussion on techniques and on the use and design of equipment.
  • The Society aims to help and encourage the training and assistance of students and others wishing to pursue a career in the Television Lighting Industry.
  • Professional meetings are organized throughout the UK and abroad.
  • Technical information together with News of members and their activities, are published in the Society's magazine.
  • The Society has no union affiliations, and is therefore recognized as a valuable platform for open discussion and demonstration by Production, Management and Industry.
  • The Society is financed by member's subscriptions and commercial sponsorship.
  • The Society changed its name to The Society of Television Lighting and Design when it Incorporated the Society of TELEVISION LIGHTING DIRECTORS at its AGM in 2009.
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