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News: LED Shootout (Press Release)

News: LED Shootout (Press Release)

STLD LED Shootout at PLASA 2011

After several months in the planning, we can reveal news of an exciting new feature exclusive to PLASA 2011 – a major shoot-out of leading LED lighting fixtures, that will be hosted by the STLD -“The STLD LED Shootout at PLASA 2011”.

Lighting Designer Paul Middleton - organiser of two earlier major events for the STLD, has teamed the STLD up with PLASA to bring visitors a unique tradeshow experience, where for all four days of the show they will be able to directly compare LED lighting fixtures in three different areas of the 240 sq Metre STLD stand (1F-60).

Paul comments: “The STLD has been looking at staging a major LED-based event for some time now, having previously organised events at Pinewood Studios and elsewhere on the topics of consoles, moving heads and generic lights. We felt it was the right time to do another event and LED lighting was the obvious subject, basing the event on the simple question: can you light a TV set entirely with LED fixtures?”

He adds: “We had originally planned to do it in our usual format, i.e. in a TV studio, but we realised we could do something bigger and better by partnering with PLASA. They made a space available for the event and, over the past few months, a plan has been developed.”

That plan sees the STLD stand - located on to the busy walkway between Earls Court 1 and Earls Court 2 which virtually every visitor passes by at least once during their visit– split into three different sections. The first section is dedicated to a cyclorama lighting shootout onto a specially built 8 metre-wide cyc. Here LED fixtures will be able to show how they outshine their traditional 1250W tungsten halogen predecessors especially when dealing with deep saturated colours.

The central section is a practical hands-on ‘mini TV studio’, where competing LED washes, soft lights, key lights and more can be explored hands-on. Visitors will be able to try their hand at lighting the two ‘mini TV studio’ setups, and view the results through two HD broadcast cameras, with a Lighting Director and Electrician on hand to offer guidance.

These sessions will alternate with case study seminars where you can learn from presentations on a variety of subjects which are planned to include a recreation of ITV’s LED-equipped Daybreak studio; ENG lighting with LED fixtures; new ideas on lighting dance with LED fixtures; best practice in interfacing LED screens and LED fixtures with a lighting desk; and finally portrait lighting for interviews with LED fixtures.

These One-hour “hands-on” sessions and case studies will be pre-bookable in advance via the PLASA website at £10 + VAT per person per session. However STLD Members will be able to get free attendance for these sessions when booked in advance. There will also be limited tickets available to purchase on the day on the STLD Stand.

The third section is a lecture and presentation theatre where visitors can see the output from LED fixtures in different categories compared side-by-side with their traditional Tungsten or Discharge equivalent in a comfortable seated environment. These lecture theatre sessions will be repeated twice a day, with no need to pre-book, and are in an open format so that show visitors can also stand and watch the presentations. Monitors and video displays make it clear what’s happening, and a light reading will be displayed to show exactly the illumination levels and types of shadows each fixture generates alongside its traditional equivalent.

Finally, to link it all together, a printed Event Guide will be available. It will be Free to STLD Members and £3 to other visitors. It will list all of the fixtures on show with a numbered key with full technical details of each fixture – useful both during the show and afterwards. If you prefer it in electronic format there will be a downloadable version available by Wi-Fi around the STLD stand and online from the STLD website ( with profits from the electronic version going to the Light Relief Charity.

In the period from 6 pm – 8 pm the manufacturer’s will be using the Lecture Theatre and Hands On Areas to run their own private presentations, so make sure you visit their stands, or look out for pre-show invites from them in the run-up to the show which opens on Sunday September 11th at 10 a.m and runs through until 4.00 p.m on Wednesday 14th September 2011.

Paul concludes: “It’s a very exciting event for us to put together and we are getting a fantastic response from manufacturers. This will be the only place in the show where you will be able to compare different manufacturer’s products side by side in a practical environment. For show visitors who are interested in LED lighting for any application - TV, Theatre, Film, Dance, Exhibitions, Events or Installs it will be a unique opportunity to put leading brands through their paces, and learn a lot more about LED lighting in general.”

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