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News: Powered Rigging Standard (Draft)

News: Powered Rigging Standard (Draft)

Draft Powered Rigging Standard in Public Review

BSR E1.6-1, one of the several documents that make up the E1.6 project for powered rigging systems in the entertainment industry are available for public review on the PLASA website at

BSR E1.6-1 - 201x, Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems, deals with powered winches that are not serially manufactured electric chain hoists. These are most often wire rope winches that are installed as part of a powered rigging system. The document is intended to establish requirements for the design, manufacture, inspection, and maintenance of powered hoist systems for lifting and suspending loads in theatres and other places of public assembly. It is in public review through December 19.

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PLASA Technical Standards Manager
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