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News: TVC gains grade II listing

News: TVC gains grade II listing

TV Centre Saved?  Well, it's a definite maybe...

In 2008 English Heritage reccomended listing the iconic BBC TV Centre - and urged the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport to recognise the extraordinary cultural and architectural significance of BBC Television Centre at White City by listing parts of it at grade II.

These parts were Stages 1 to 4:

The scenery workshops, with its barrel-vaulted ceiling and circular rooflights; the 1950s canteen block that overlooks the Blue Peter garden; and the distinctive circular doughnut that houses studios & offices. The full English Heritage statement can be found here.

In July 2009 grade II listing was granted, however this listing only applies to Studio One - “ the first purpose-built broadcasting studio in the country built for and used by the nation’s main television broadcaster” - and the entrance hall [now Stage Door] with its John Piper mosaic; the central drum [doughnut] with its mosaic tiles; the Huxley-Jones gilded sculpture of Helios; and the full-height glazing of the stair-well with its original clock.

TVC Grade II listing advice (PDF)

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