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News: 8th Knight of Illumination Winners

News: 8th Knight of Illumination Winners

 The television lighting award winners for 2015 were:

  • John Daly - Up The Women (DRAMA)
  • Nigel Catmur - Young Dancer Competition (EVENTS)
  • Gurdip Mahal - The Voice Final (ENTERTAINMENT)
  • Andy Cottey - Election 2015 Wales (SMALL STUDIO)
  • Dave Newton, Alberta Torres & Jessy Wang - Strictly Come Dancing (GRAPHIC DISPLAY)

Your pointy prizes are in the post!

"This year has given us a record number of entries, so the competition has been keen," said our Chairman Stuart Gain, who is also chairman of KOI's TV category. "It was decided to get the whole of the STLD Committee involved in the judging, so they were divided up into groups with a co-ordinator to come up with a shortlist. As in past years, there is an incredibly high standard of entries, particularly in Drama and Small Studio sections, and I would like to thank all those who put in entries in all sections this year."

A full list of 8th Knight of Illumination Television nominations may be found here

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