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News: The BS 7909 Soirée

News: The BS 7909 Soirée

The Society of Television Lighting and Design BS7909 lecture given by Dave Roberts on Monday 27th July 2009 at The Penthouse, No 1 Leicester Square was very well attended and well received.

In it he gave an overview of BS 7909:2008 — The Code of Practice for the “Design and installation of temporary distribution systems delivering AC electrical supplies for lighting, technical services and other entertainment related purposes” which affects much of our work and tackled the thorny question of "competence"  — quite who is responsible for providing temporary power distribution?

Under some circumstances this can be the responsibility of the Lighting Director.

Our speaker, Dave Roberts, worked for many years at the BBC on the provision of lighting consoles including the much loved Q File,  special luminaires and even the 1¼ - 2½ kw bubble with Thorns and GEC. After leaving in 1994 he was asked back to help vet lighting hire companies and has been working on BS7909 since the 90's.

For more on BS 7909:2008 look here.

And here's a Google search for more on BS7909.

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