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News: Elemer Nyiry 1938 ~ 2009

News: Elemer Nyiry 1938 ~ 2009

As you may, or may not know, Elemer Laszlo Attila Nyiry died earlier this year.

Elemer had been unwell for a short time, and suddenly on the afternoon of Sunday 29th March he collapsed and, despite an ambulance arriving within minutes, died on the way to hospital.

A website has been established in his name; here are just a few of the many comments:

  • 'Elemer was a man of integrity, of high ideals and of principles'  Lionel Friedberg  Los Angeles
  • 'Our industry lost a great man'  Marc Galerne  France
  • 'Elemer will continue to live in my memories as one of the kindest, most helpful and interesting people I ever knew'  Nico  England
  • 'Elemer is an inspiration to the many people who’s lives he touched'  Allan Fyfe  England
  • 'He will leave behind him a blazing trail of lighting, power and accessories, all of which have and will help the rest of us make great films and television; for a long, long time'  Brian Rose
  • 'His outstanding technical abilities were more than most could dream of, and the industry will be a smaller, sadder place without him'  Mike Perry  England
  • 'Over the years Elemer always took the time to explain the technology behind your new pieces of equipment, in words that a cameraman with little engineering background could understand, and was a joy to chat to and be with. I’ll miss him'  Dudley  England
  • 'Elemer [was] ready to show you the latest fabulous gadgets that he and his team had dreamed up ..... [he] was certainly one of this worlds nice blokes and a brilliant engineer who would listen with polite interest no matter how daft my ideas were.'  John Rossetti  London

Elemer Nyir Memorial Website

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