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News: Career Opportunity - Trainee Lighting Vision Operator at BBC Studioworks

News: Career Opportunity - Trainee Lighting Vision Operator at BBC Studioworks

BBC Studioworks is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC providing studios and post production services to all the major TV broadcasters, located across sites in Elstree and Television Centre in White City.

The Trainee Vision Operator will operate a lighting desk and associated equipment in order to contribute to the visual realisation of the production and to meet the requirements of the lighting director and the programme production staff. The role will work predominantly at BBC Elstree on the flagship continuing drama Eastenders. This is an excellent development opportunity for someone interested in a career within broadcasting. Studioworks will provide dedicated training, mentoring and feedback within a two year training programme leading to Lighting Vision Supervisor.

Training will include, an introduction to the lighting operation of a TV production and its application, developing an understanding of basic TV lighting techniques and equipment used, shadowing the Lighting Director, Lighting Vision Supervisor and working along the Studio Engineer to support:

  • camera settings and manipulation, camera exposure and its effect on camera operation
  • camera f stops and control of depth field
  • use of filters and their effect on camera exposure
  • basic colour science, use of primary and complimentary colours
  • concept of colour temperature , its use and application
  • Use of the lighting console and responding to the direction of the Lighting Director
  • picture assessment and quality
  • use of shadow and light in the composition of a TV picture.

If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, or to apply, please visit the online advert at before the closing date of 29th July 2020.

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