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News: The Big Freelancer Survey

News: The Big Freelancer Survey

 The Big Freelancer Survey, run by "Freelancers Make Theatre Work" aims to provide a detailed report of the past 12 months in our industry. This data will feed into ongoing lobbying of both industry bodies and government, informing them where support is most needed and what the greatest issues facing freelancers are.

The first survey (from 2020) was the largest survey of its kind and directly influenced the announcement of the CRF as well as the production of the Routes To Recovery report. We hope The Big Freelancer Survey will become an annual survey which aims to provide a detailed report of the past 12 months.

The survey will ask about background, financial situation, work in the entertainment industry over the past 18 months and your hopes and fears for the future of the industry. All answers are anonymous. By doing this survey we are hoping to capture the widest data set from across the entertainment sectors in order to help monitor and analyse the ongoing issues affecting freelancers. With your help we are building a better, more accurate picture of our industry.

If you require the survey in a ‘plain text’ format, you can download it in word format or PDF format and then re-upload your answers anonymously here.

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