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News: BS 7909 is under review again

News: BS 7909 is under review again

.... and your input is needed

Mike Le Fevre

As you may be aware BS 7909:2008 “Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Systems for Entertainment and Related Purposes” is under review with a view to publishing an amendment in 2011. 

The reason for this is the 17th edition of the IET Wiring Regulations, (BS 7671) introduced in 2008, is under review, with the IET’s amendment to the 17th edition being published in 2011. As BS 7909 and BS 7671 are closely linked, there is a need to examine and amend BS 7909 to continue best practice, in our industry.

The IET has published a draft for public comment of BS 7671 (Copies are available for download from the IET’s web site) 

BS 7909 and BS 7671 have a great bearing on our industry — BS 7909’s scope is very wide ranging, covering just about all of our activities, from studio to location, manufacturers, hire companies, PSC & film shoots, television studio programmes, television OB & location shoots, theatres, events, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

As the Society of Television Lighting and Design (STLD) is a recognised professional body, the STLD have been asked by the BSI to sit on the committee reviewing BS 7909.  This allows the STLD to give our input, experience and views to the revision committee, thus enabling the standard to be improved in the light of current practice, to ensure that the standard continues to be effective and relevant to our industry.

The revision process has commenced, and we need your input, good, bad or indifferent, as to the workings of BS 7909; so that the STLD can present our findings and comments to the revision committee towards at the end of August 2010.  As the nominated STLD representative on the revision committee, could I ask all interested parties to contact me with their feedback on the current BS 7909:2008 standard.

If you'd like to comment on BS:7909 via the STLD website then please do so here

You can buy a copy of the current BS 7909:2008 Standard here

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