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News: Hospital Club Studios update

News: Hospital Club Studios update

Issue 101 of our magazine reports on the March STLD AGM held at  the Hospital Club Studios - which had originated the London segments of the Hope for Haiti Now programme, broadcast a just few weeks earlier.

Since then, much has happened - Anne Marie Phelan writes:

I’ve never worked anywhere with an Art Curator and a Wedding Co-ordinator
before. Just trying to explain what we do here is a challenge so bear with me.
The Hospital Club supports the creative industries in ways both commercial and

As well as a studio and events business, The Hospital Club supports several
apprenticeship schemes and a Creatives In Residence programme dedicated
to nurturing emerging talent in the Arts. The Studio Team takes on a new
apprentice every 2 years and we’re very proud that Donald Eke, our last
trainee, is now a Studio Engineer working on Telegenic's new 3D OB trucks.
Our lovely French Philanthropic Manager, Lolo, spoke at STLD’s AGM recently
to talk about this year’s programme that covers Film, Architecture, Opera,
Theatre, Fashion and Music. This year’s intake are a bright, enthusiastic bunch
who are working on exciting and diverse projects and blossoming under the
tutelage of their mentors. To find our more visit

We’re spread out over 7 storeys; from Europe’s first HD TV Studio in the
basement to the Music Studio on the top floor. The 2nd floor of our thriving
members club has just reopened after a redesign and now includes a 3D cinema.
Many of our studio clients are club members and enjoy networking with their
peers. We’re a working building so when a band finish for the day in the Music
Studio or a TV Production wraps, they can wander into the club for a drink or a

The TV Studios recently hosted a new ITV1 daytime series, 3@three. I love a
live show and when it’s in HD with a lovely production team and showcasing
our neighbourhood, it’s a pleasure to work on. Happily, ITV hired Nick Collier
to design the lighting. Nick has worked with us before and was his usual witty,
unflappable self. As well as the set, the Lighting Team had to rig for pieces to
camera in our Reception Area, Lift Lobbies and even outside our Front Door.
Luckily, each floor in our building has ample power and a studio wallbox so we
can easily shoot beyond the studio floor. They had to quickly derig outside the
First Floor Restaurant one day as we had a wedding ceremony happening there
later. Now how many studios have you worked where you’re given the bum’s
rush in case the Bride turns up?

The team were out and about every day doing vox pops in Covent Garden
Piazza and on Neal Street. It reminded me how beautiful the neighbourhood
is. One of the factors clients often cite when choosing to work with us is our
convenient location. I think that apart from the obvious ease of transport links,
the inspired local architecture and range of shops, bars and restaurants give the
place a real neighbourhood feel. With the opening of the new Apple Store, we’ve
seen visitor numbers increase in the area.

While glitzy bars and a great location might win you business, it’s our studio team
that keeps clients coming back. We have only one studio and dedicate ourselves
tirelessly to each production. If you would like to meet the team and take a look
around the building, please contact me at or check


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