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News: 4th Knight of Illumination Winners

News: 4th Knight of Illumination Winners

The winners of the Knight of Illumination Awards for 2011 were announced in London on the evening of Sunday 11th September 2011, at the Hilton on Park Lane Hotel, W1K 1BE

The television lighting award winners for 2011 were:

  • Roger Williams for Tonight’s The Night  (ENTERTAINMENT)
  • Al Gurdon for Superbowl Halftime Show  (EVENTS)
  • Simon Butcher for Casualty  (DRAMA)
  • Matt Carter for ITV Daybreak  (SMALL STUDIO)

The nominations were:


  • Tonight’s The Night - Roger Williams
  • Top Gear - Chris Kempton
  • The Chase - Tom Kinane


  • Superbowl Halftime Show - Al Gurdon
  • The Royal Wedding - Bernie Davis
  • Only Men Aloud - Nigel Catmur


  • Coronation Street Live Episode - Chris Chisnall
  • Casualty - Simon Butcher
  • Rock and Chips - John Sorapure


  • Monday Night Football - Malcolm Reed
  • Christmas Lectures - Andy Stagles
  • ITV Daybreak - Matt Carter

A full list of 4th Knight of Illumination Award Winners

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