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Chris James Filters

43 Colville Rd., Acton 

W3 8BL

tel: +44(0)208 896 1772
fax: +44(0)208 896 1773

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About the company
Chris James has served the film and television industry for many years. In group ownership since 1989, it has lead to the development of over 200 colours, shades, and tints of filter films for demanding and constantly changing applications in feature film, television, theatre, and professional photography. Technically, filters require spot-on light transmission characteristics and absolute batch-to-batch colour consistency. CJ products are now recognised as market leading in both quality and longevity, complying not only with stringent British Standards, but being the only filter manufactured to ISO 9002. As a result, it is very often our filter films you see helping to create special effects in many of the most progressive TV and film studios around the world.

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