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Just FX

Contact: Lincoln Parkhouse

Unit 4 Frontier Works, 33 Queen Street​ 
N17 8JA

tel: 020 8493 0527

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About the company
Just FX specialises in pyrotechnic work and special effects for the entertainment industry and hires and sells pyrotechnics devices and associated special effects equipment. Our friendly, helpful service, with over 25 years experience is yours for the asking as we strive to ensure our customers work safely and get exactly what they need.

Aero Cannons for those one off shots of Confetti or Streamers; Magic FX Swirl Fans for that continuous flow of falling Petals or Confetti; CO2 Confetti Blasters to completely cover your stage, audience or venue; CO2 Jets; Bubble Machines; Snow Machines; Smoke and Haze machines; Low Smoke and Dry Ice Machines; Pyro Controllers and Systems; Pyro Hardware

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