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Contact: Ian Muir

Centauri House, Hillbottom Road 
Sands Industrial Estate
High Wycombe, Bucks
HP12 4HQ

tel: 01494 446000
fax: 01494 461024

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About the company
Chroma-Q® have been designing lighting equipment since the mid-1990s, when they established a reputation for high product quality, innovation and reliability with hugely successful products.

In 2004 Chroma-Q launched their first LED fixture, the Color Block DB4™ - a product so popular that it’s still selling today in a newer incarnation with upgraded technologies, and has been used on a host of TV shows over the years, including 1,900 units featured in the set design for the Eurovision Song Contest Oslo. Since then Chroma-Q products have featured regularly on primetime light entertainment shows, including ITV1's Poker Face and Britain's Got Talent, as well as BBC1's Any Dream Will Do and other shows. Chroma-Q have gained a reputation for introducing award-winning, premium LED lighting solutions which deliver the highest performance levels required by today's most demanding applications - including concerts & theatre shows, film, TV broadcasts, retail, leisure & museum installations, exhibitions & corporate hospitality events. Their latest generation Color Force™ RGBA colour-mixing LED lighting range delivers meticulous colour accuracy and consistency between fixtures, through batch control and careful thermal management. The range's custom optical design provides a high quality smooth, even light output, with outstanding colour blend across the spectrum, even when lighting close to the fixture. The models produce equally impressive bold saturates, subtle pastels and a complete range of whites, from 1,000K to 10,000K CCT, all from the same fixture. In addition, precise theatrical grade dimming emulates the extremely smooth dimming curve of tungsten fixtures, from completely off to completely on, and with no visible stepping or jerkiness during the dimming. The fixtures are complemented by the Studio Force™ single and remote phosphor LED soft lights. Specifically designed for use in film and broadcast, and factory calibrated to match the black body locus - for a perfect white through the CCT range - the models provide a high quality light output with frequency adjustment up to 9,600Hz. The line-up includes Daylight, Tungsten and Variable versions for producing a range of colour temperatures; batten, multi-purpose & compact fixtures; mains & DC powered models which run off standard V-Lok batteries; and a comprehensive choice of accessories, including a lightbank kit, diffuser box attachments and barn door for selected fixtures. The award-winning Studio Force V 12 Phosphor™ Variable model can be tuned from 3,200K to 5,600K - especially useful in situations where it is problematic to white balance the camera with multiple sources - as well as featuring plus / minus green balance control and providing a beautifully soft, even light source with a massive output for its compact size.

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