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B360 Production House

Contact: Barry Denison

33 Lindlings, Hemel Hempstead 


tel: 0203 9534 360

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About the company
We are an independent Production House who will work with your vision and requirements. We are incredibly passionate about what we do, and at the heart of that we truly care about the finer details to each and every project. We strive to provide the best quality lighting and rigging systems, with competitive prices. B360 are renowned to finding solutions to venue or budget restraints. Along with providing high quality lighting and rigging systems we also provide services to install, program and operate the system. We have a wealth of independent specialists that a highly knowledgeable and experienced in effectively and neatly installing a range of lighting and rigging systems within a variety of venues, often to demanding deadlines.

We provide lighting and/or rigging systems to a variety of degrees, to the production industry, and on-site power to outside broadcasting projects.

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