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Vari-Lite - Strand

Contact: Alan Luxford

Vari-lite & Strand Centre, Unit 24 Sovereign Park 
Coronation Road
London NW10 7QP

tel: 07867 536522

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About the company
Vari-Lite is synonymous with spectacle. In 1981, Vari-Lite created the first modern moving head luminaire for entertainment, and in the four decades since, generations of lighting designers have continued to use our luminaires on unforgettable rock and roll shows, moving dramatic performances, and a variety of high-impact events and installations. Since our formation, Vari-Lite has combined innovative engineering with a passion for performance to create some of the world’s most iconic looking fixtures. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Vari-Lite has earned three Grammy awards, numerous patents and industry awards, and the devotion and respect of designers around the globe. For over a hundred years, Strand’s theatrical luminaires and lighting control solutions have driven some of the world’s most extraordinary experiences. Building on a tradition that began in 1914 in London’s theatreland district, Strand continues to develop iconic fixtures and innovative control solutions that meet the demands of schools, theatre’s, houses of worship, TV Studios and beyond. Strand’s passion for the quality of light has led to the development of fixtures like the Leko® that continue to define entire product categories decades after their first release. From the early years of theatrical dimming control to sophisticated modern lighting consoles, Strand has continued to provide lighting control solutions that offer a feature set that is specifically targeted to the capability and budgetary needs of our customers

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